Our designs help you to inform the public that your working animal is not a pet!

About Us

This is not a business, it's a passion!

Avasa Crafts and Embroidery began in 2013 out of necessity.

I had just acquired my first Assistance Dog, Crosby, and I was not in a financial position to pay for shipping of the products that I needed from overseas. At the time, there were few to no Australian made products available. 

My amazing friend Trish, gifted me her retired Sewing and Embroidery machine and I began a very fast and steep learning curve.

Over the past 5 years I have tested and trialed many ways to produce the very best quality designs and patches that can be made on a single needle embroidery machine. Many have ended up in the bin as I will not send my customers anything other than a product that I would be proud to use myself.

I have since upgraded my Embroidery Machine and purchased a top quality Embroidery digitising program which allows me to design and customise all of my own patches. Because of this, any customisation is available.

From colours to sizes, shapes and wording.. Just ask...